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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

The start of all things ....

So, to the business of blogging .....  I was unsure at first as to whether to blog or not, but after getting hooked on the blogs of Dawn Mcvey and Melissa Samuels, I was well and truly persuaded!!  So, being a newbie, please forgive the basic layout, and the lack of information ... I will get to grips with it!..... more than likely with the help of my husband, who is, without a doubt, much more competent at computers than me!

I am hoping that this blog allows me to share with you my recent creations and in turn, keep me on top of creative projects.  To make my card making business viable- the cards need to be affordable, and that doesn't always allow for creativity in design, so this blog will be a way of keeping me thinking creatively, and challenging me to try new products and ideas.  There are simply hundreds of fantastic blogs on crafting, so I have a lot to keep me inspired, and a very high bench mark to aim for!!

So for now I will leave you with some cards from the 'American Christmas' design set that I have been working on for my website - I have used the free papers from 'Simply cards and papercraft', and I think they have turned out quite cute!

Please get in touch with any comments you have, I'd really like to hear from you :o)

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