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Monday, 21 November 2011

Handbags ...

Handbags ....

Hello all. I am just stopping by to share this card with you that was a custom card made at the end of October. My brief was handbags, purple, and stylish. So I came up with this ...

I used an existing pre-cut shaped card as a template, and made this one much larger. I am happy with how this worked out- I would recommend you giving it a go, especially when it is covered in patterned papers, you cannot tell that it is not die cut.

I used 12x12 patterned papers, a  vintage button that my Auntie Sharon had found for me, some tags made with the PTI mat stack 4, and some gems.

Inside I kept to the same level of detail ...

I made a simple pocket so that the personal messages could be placed inside, and finished it off with a pin.

All in all, I think a good attempt at a card that is somewhat out of my comfort zone!  If anyone has any tips to help me out with sort of card, do let me know!

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Shelly X

(p.s. can I say sorry for the picture quality here- I was using my new phone and hadn't quite got to grips with it!!)

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  1. Wow, Shelly! You're so clever!!! I don't know how you come up with ideas like that - it's amazing! The colours are gorgeous - and I LOVE the little pocket for the message!


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