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Monday, 28 May 2012

holiday time :)

Hi all,

I'm just stopping in for a short post today ... I am on my holidays (or staycation as its been coined)  and thought I'd share some snaps ...

These are from my Sister in Laws wedding this Saturday just gone ....

They were married by my husband at his Church, and their reception was held at our local .... which happily is by the beach- and with the lovely weather we had too, it made for some nice pictures!

The fayreness Hotel, Broadstairs

Overlooking Botany Bay

Overlooking Botany Bay

Wedding cake

Bridesmaid posy

The toast

Strawberries and cream for dessert

Nothing like a  little Instagram to play with!!

Hope you are all enjoying the weather, and i'll be back sometime soon with some interesting posts, including a few more holiday snaps, origami,  crochet, and paper pop ups!

See ya soon X

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  1. I love weddings! Can't wait so see some more photos..... :-)


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