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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Jewellery ..

This week I have mostly been updating FB and the website, I takes a long while to keep everything up together and looking fresh, and I love the feeling you get once you have achieved it!

If you fancy checking them out, here are the links ...

The other portion of my time this week was continuing to get to know some other people in the small business world.  You may remember me talking previously about I run a small business on Facebook.  An absolutely brilliant group that is supportive for small home businesses.  I have made some good friends on there, and I have also made some new business contacts. For me, working at home, I enjoy have a group of people I can talk with, a little as if I was working in an office environment.

Anyhow, I thought that for the next few posts I would share some of the businesses that I am in touch with ... There is a whole assortment of people and businesses, so today, I'm starting with jewellery. 

Wire-witch is run by Joanne Webb, a great jewellery designer, and she makes some lovely items, especially beautiful bridal wear.  The perfect time to wear bespoke jewellery must be your wedding day!

Jingle Jewellery is run by Leigh-Ann, who on supporting my FB page became a customer, which I liked a lot!!!  Jingle Jewellery is a really unusual company, in that they run  jewellery parties for girls and boys.  Its such a great idea!  

Treats n Trinkets is run by another member called Julie Adams.  She makes gemstone jewellery, using the historic properties of gemstones to make custom gifts for people.  I love all the photos of the gemstones ... it reminds me of being a kid on my favourite beach in Cornwall, playing with the shells and stones!

Lastly, a fairly new to me person is Carolyn Moloney who runs Cooljoolz  ... If you have ever wondered where to go for bespoke handmade wedding rings, then here you are!  They are fab!

That's it for today ... but I will be back during the week to show you some bags, some felt and some edible elves ;)

See you soon X


  1. Felt..........Who said felt......... Let me at it, let me at it!!!
    On a serious note not only does it seem that you are a mightily skilled lady in the way of crafts but that your friends seem to be as well, what a wonderful time you must all have being super 'crafty' together....... :-)

  2. Thank you :)

    I always like to share crafts with people, there are not many of us who make things that only stick to one type .. I think we are dabblers!
    Shelly X

  3. Shelly what a great blog, thank you for taking the time to feature our sites and share. cant wait to see the next installment x


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