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Sunday, 27 January 2013

January ...

As promised, I am back for the end of the month for a blog post, ... My altered approach for 2013 will be to post a little less often, but to bring you more images of what my month looked like!

So for me, January has been a strange old month. Being very much a Christmas person, I have found it pretty hard to get back into the swing of work after having a few weeks off- and its not because I don't love what I do ... but somehow the start of January gets filled up with the habits left over from the Christmas holidays ... and the end of January gets filled up with undoing all those habits!

That said, I have still had some productive moments scattered though the last 27 days! So here they are!

I started work on a set of birthday cards that used the most popular theme from 2012  butterflies.  The canvas that I made last year had so many lovely comments, that I decided to continue it over to 2013.  You can find them on the website here.

I have also been working on the tabs on the Facebook Page - I had made images to cover the tabs some time ago, but this year I needed to get on and match them to my business cards! Unfortunately the colour seems to vary from lapop to phone, but its supposed to be a light mint/teal colour!

Despite the variations in colour ... I really like it. The brand is really coming together now, with the butterflies, and the matching colours.  It has been one of those jobs that you put off because there is always something else to do, but it is always well worth doing when you do!  There is something to be said for overhauling and taking another look at your image from an outsiders perspective.

Lastly, I have been putting this together ....

It is a pretty heart card that uses stitching from my vintage 1950s singer sewing machine, and I'm offering it with some handmade chocolate that is shaped like a heart, from http://www.trulychocolates.co.uk/  It is so nice to be making cards that are all representative of the company and the sort of 'feel' that I am trying to create.  Its  taken some time to get there, but it is really coming together. You can see the package here.

If you haven't visited the facebook page yet, please do ... I post fairly regularly, and link to lots of interesting things and articles, as well as sharing some new designs and inspirations   If you write on the wall that you found the FB via the blog, I'll add you to my discount list, as I'm also offering free postage on your next order if you visit via the blog, so well worth a visit!

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you all had a really lovely Christmas and new year,

Shelly X

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  1. Wow! I love the new 'look'! You must be really pleased with it!!!
    I love the Valentine things. That's a great idea to sew on to cards with your sewing machine!!!
    Looking forward to next month's post....


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