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Friday, 8 February 2013


Today's post is about Pinterest and how I use it ... 

For those of you who have never used it before, it is like a virtual pin board.  Imagine that you put pinboards around your office, and every time you saw something interesting on the internet, you printed it out, and pinned it to the relevant board.  

That is what Pinterest is, but online.  Your boards are stored on the internet, rather than physically in your workspace.

You can fit many many more boards online than you ever could in your workspace, and it is easy to fill them up from the websites that you visit or from other peoples boards on Pinterest. 

Pinterest can be used in two ways ....

Firstly, you can follow other peoples boards ... When you see someone board that interests you, you can follow it so you will see all their new pins when you visit the site.  This is a handy tool for when you find fantastic boards, and when you want to keep up to date automatically with others peoples inspiration.

Secondly, and this is how I personally use it, is that you don't follow any boards, and you just re-pin images that you see to your own boards.  I prefer this, as I use Pinterest directly for inspiration for my work, and I like to control what I see when I visit Pinterest.  I do however search Pinterest  when I fancy looking for new ideas and themes, but when I log in I only see my pins.  I find that this works well for me.

In terms of my business, and how I use it for networking and promoting my colleagues over at the The Penguin Network and the great support team of businesses that are behind the Network - I re-pin their work onto my boards - I therefore see their creations in my inspiration, and I share their work too.  It means when people see my pins, their work is also seen.  

If you fancy visiting my Pinterest to see how it all looks, you can visit here:

I think for those who are in a creative industry it is especially helpful, just be warned  you may lose hours, as once you start looking ... time flies!!

For those already on Pinterest, there is a link below that you might want to click ... it takes you to a button which people are pressing to vote to allow boards to be merged ... After spending an hour the other night moving images from one board to another, I think its a worth while thing to ask the Pinterest Bods to provide!!

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