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Monday, 11 March 2013

Working with papers

I love working with paper, I always have.  From my favourite butterflies .... to creating shapes by removing paper. I love paper, and the flexibility it can give you in design.  As a card maker and designer it is the bread and butter of my business so to speak.  I always like to see new ways to use it, and new techniques on how to manipulate it to create some unique element for card making.

But sometimes you find an artist who just takes your medium to a whole new level, and that's a fair statement for Vincent Tomczyk.  He is an artist and a craftsman in the true sense of the word, and works magic with paper   Magic I tell you.  His work was showcased on the brilliant Colossal blog, I love getting my posts from the blog- I have no idea how he finds such brilliant work so often!!

Here are a few images of Vincent Tomczyk's work, taken from his website - you can find it here.

Made with PAPER, !!!!!! Paper !  I think the armchair is my Favourite.  I think my butterflies need a little more work!! 

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  1. Hi Shelly,
    I love the new look of your blog!!! :-)
    They're pretty impressive things made from paper!!! Wow!!!

  2. Thanks Carly and Carrie :D

    There are some talented people out there for sure!!! X


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