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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

sunshine and showers ...

It seems to have been a while since I sat and wrote my blog; sunshine and showers have been very much on the cards the last few weeks, so here I am, at my window in a ray of sunshine, looking out over the garden.  I have had quite a reflective week, watching the cats outside the window who congregate on the roof of my neighbours shed. They have been sitting patiently with eagle eyes, watching next doors aviary, as if they were quietly watching through the microwave door for their meal to heat up!

A local fox has been prowling the back gardens, who seems to be so healthy that he looks more like a large dog with a fluffy tail that a fox, and has been bringing the toys belonging to the local dogs into our garden to play with, despite my best efforts to regularly return the toys. It would seem as much a game to keep leaving them in our garden than it is to just play with them in the lane!

Living by the seaside when the sun is out is beautiful; to be able to walk to the shops and see the sea, to smell the sea salt and hear the waves is so peaceful.  Whats more, it is still early enough in the season that I enjoy the sound of the seagulls playing overhead- rather than cursing them at 5am for the racket on my roof top.

Needless to say, with so much going on outdoors, and a garden that I have been working in, I haven't been at my desk indoors so much. I have definitely enjoyed being, rather than doing this week.  And on that note, I am going to cook up a BBQ tonight, so I wont be at my desk for long today!  Being outside in the garden cooking up some homemade burgers, buns, vegetables and corn on the cob, definitely sounds just the ticket to me!!

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