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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Easter and bank holiday

With the advent of Easter and higher temperatures than normal, the holidays have been lovely this year.  Although I have been working hard inside for most of it, I have still had time to go out for walks and took a trip to the beach.  I spent some time drawing in the sand, and was reminded, that for me, card making and designing is as much a vocation as a job; it permeates my day to day life, I always see inspiration and ideas all over the place, and have taken to carrying a pad and pencil with me when I go out, in case I want to sketch ideas when on the move!

Somehow I managed all of Easter without making a single Easter card!  I have been working towards a line of envelope cards, using different colour combinations and homemade tags and embellishments.  I will be showing a tutorial at the end of May detailing how I go about making these lovely little cards, and over the next few days I will be posting some images of the cards I have made.

Also a feature of my week was that my printer broke.  After two trips to Staples to prove that it was indeed, caput, they will be sending me a replacement this Tuesday.  What the experience has highlighted for me is the amount that I use the pc and printer in my card making.  My work is very much mixed media; I love the freedom that a computer affords you when writing verses or sentiments. I am all about the paper and card as a crafter, and I like my work to have a simplicity about it when it comes to embellishing.  Quite often a card will mostly have its design from card or paper, with no extra detailing.  In the next few months I will be using some papertrey ink products on my cards- their die cuts and stamps really help with using paper and card and making the most out of the materials I like to use. So there will most definitely be some creativeness happening over the summer!

Lastly, this month has seen me working hard towards a custom logo and design, it a slow process, but the hard work is paying off and I should have this together and up and running by the end of the summer season. 

That’s all my news for today; I will post pictures over the next week of recent projects, and be back in a week for another blog instalment! Please feel free to post links to your projects and blogs, I always like to see what the crafting community are up to.  Until next time, Bye!
Shelly x

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