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Sunday, 9 October 2011

Mini Victoria sponge ....

I just thought I'd nip by with a picture of the mini Victoria sponges I made yesterday.

They are somewhat of an experiment, as I am not sure how long the cream stays fresh on the cakes for ... yes, packaging always says three days, but the taste may alter, so I am eating a half a cake a day, in the hopes that I can tell how long they last for!!

I can think of worse experiments!!.....

I used a traditional Victoria sponge recipe as my base and tweaked it a little, so I baked with ....

2oz margarine
2oz caster sugar
2oz plain flour
dash of baking powder
dash of baking soda
drop of vanilla essence
1 egg
some strawberry jam

and for the cream ...

dash of vanilla
dash of caster sugar
half a tub of Elmlea double cream

All in all, the taste was lovely, the sponge came out surprisingly good. I baked the sponge in silicone cupcake moulds so that I could easily remove them to make the layered sponge which also worked well.  However, I was not so keen on the cream- my Mum suggested clotted cream, and I think this would be a good move as the cakes will maintain a much better shape .....

Any thoughts?. .....

See you in the week with more experiments, and a little story about a newborn baby called Evelyn Mae!!

Take care all X


  1. Mmmmmmm!!! Your photos have made me feel EXTREMELY hungry all of a sudden! Well done you - they look fantastic!!! :-)

  2. Thanks Carly. And I didn't eat all three at once either!!!!


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