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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

wine and cards

I am just stopping by the share with you a little project that I worked on last night.  After another busy day in work, and after a mountain of paperwork, I found myself looking at the bottle of wine that I am giving away this weekend..... I didn't drink it though! I decorated it!!!

I wanted to make it a little special, and after seeing this little wine bottle tag here on Nichole Heady's blog, I wanted to make one too!!  I simplified it somewhat, and it was done in less than five minutes.  It used scraps of paper, the negative image form the bottle neck hole, and a 'thanks' stamp from PTI.  That it!! (Sorry for the poor image here, the colour doesn't quite pop on the photograph as it does in real life!)

I think if I made one again, I would make it slightly narrower, but I am really happy that it was so quick to make.

More good news to report from work today ... after selling my three Victoria sponges at the beginning of the week, I sold all six that I made today!! I was so happy!!  I was so pleased with them - it is a little odd to be using equipment that I am not familiar with, and the fact that i didn't burn them, or take them out too early is a really big deal!!

My next baking work adventure will be next week where I will be making scones as requested by a customer today, and coffee cupcakes!  HHhmmmm. Cupcakes!!

I'll be back over the weekend to share the party news, the giveaway cakes arrive tomorrow, so it has come around quickly, but I am hopeful for a fun evening.

Happy weekend all X


  1. Hi Shelly,
    The little bottle decoration is a super idea! A bottle of something-or-other is always a lovely gift but, like you said, it's always nice to try to make them look a bit more special! Thanks for sharing the idea - I'm sure I'll be borrowing that one in the future!!! ;-)
    Congratulations on the popularity of your cakes, too! They're obviously VERY delicious indeed!!!
    Good luck with the scones and cupcakes......

  2. Carly ... The bottle sleeves did really well at the card party- everyone like them ... so well worth thinking about making some for Christmas :)

    Hope you and yours are having a lovely weekend X


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