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Saturday, 4 February 2012

cake, cake, cake

Hi all,

I have been toying with the idea again of offering cupcakes for small parties and corporate events though 'Evelyn Mae'.  I feel like in the current climate, the more I can offer the more I can spread the word about my business.

However, this will only work if I offer a consistently good level of service too!!

So this week I have been practising my decorating skills!  Its a slow process, I feel the taste part is sorted, but now I have to begin sorting out the presentation!!

So, I just thought i'd share with you a few things that I have been working on this week .....

[Vanuilla cupcakes with a cherry on top!]

[Chocolate cupcakes with chocolate ganache, and carrot and banana cake]

Well, they are certainly not there yet, but I am getting better, and my hands are getting steadier at piping!  We shall see.

Also this weekend, I have begun to refine my folksy shop and website.  I admit I am getting pretty frustrated with my website at the moment- I have found that it has now outgrown the perimeters of the google site I use, and it just doesn't look as clean and as simple as I would like.

Serious thinking time is needed as to what I need to do next - I have found another host that I like the look of, but don't want to loose my web address.  So moving time perhaps?  Who knows.  If any of you fancy looking at my website and giving feedback, I would be so grateful ....

it is:

Thanks all



  1. Hi Shelly,
    I think you could DEFINITELY do something with selling your cupcakes - they are beautiful (and I'm sure they taste as good as they look)! I say go for it.....
    I'm afraid I can't help on the website front. I'm terrible at computer-y stuff. I will take a look, though.....

  2. Thanks Carly - its always nice to have extra support :) I'm definitely going to give it a good deal of thought. I suppose i'm a little daunted by the environmental health checks etc. that I'll need. But you never know, we shall see where it takes me!
    That's half the adventure!!



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