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Sunday, 5 February 2012

Margate gets snow!

Now, not so long ago, when I moved to Margate, I was told that it never got much snow, and had its own special micro- climate.  Well, they were half right!

Margate does have a special micro- climate- we often get lovely sunny weather which is more like France than the UK, and we seldom get days and days of rain.  The couple of summers we've had so far have been bright and clear, and we've spent our time on beaches, walking, and taking the little inflatable dingy out on the  sea pool!

But the snow, they were wrong about!  Last year we had snow, and this year, we've had another ton of it!!  As has the majority of Kent.  The M25 was at a standstill, with motorists stuck in their cars.  Yesterday I waited in patiently for my husband to get back from a conference and beat the snow, after having sent him off in the morning fleecy blanket in tow!  But it started to flurry at half eleven last night, and when I checked the window at four thirty this morning (I don't normally get up at this time, but I was excited about getting snow so got up and looked!!)  there was a blanket of white outside in the street.

This morning, when we got up we peaked outside and found that we have had about four inches, with drifts of up to a foot.   So up I jumped, kettle on, porridge, and a ton of layers, and  I went out for a walk armed with my phone to take a few pictures, so thought I'd share them with you ...

~Sorry about the picture quality, not only were they taken on my phone, but the sky was so grey that it didn't make great photo taking weather! ~

[The view from the cliffs at Palm bay, looking back towards the houses]

[Richmond Avenue, my street, I just liked the snow covered sign!!]

[The snow topped trees by our local Church]

[Erm... this is where I fell in a snow drift up to my thighs!! I got really cold after this because my jeans were so wet, and I was walking along the cliff top with the wind blowing right at me!]

[In the summer, we love going to this little place, called the Jet Ski Cafe. We get our scrambled eggs on toast here in the summer.]

[This was brilliant- the snow had blown over into our doorway, and created a little snowdrift- I've never seen this before!]

[This was so lovely- a berry tree covered in bright red berries- it looked so festive against the snow]

Thats about that- I am sure that tomorrow the roads will be slushy and black, and people will be cursing the snow, hoping it will melt away, but for me, its all about today, and how lovely my morning was.

Happy end of the weekend all, have a good one  X

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  1. I'm very, very jealous! I want some snow!!!
    Enjoy it - make a snowman for me! ;-)


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