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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Hard at work ...

As the title says .. I have been hard at work this week.  Not only on cards, but in every aspect.  Hard at work losing weight, getting fit, cleaning the house, de-cluttering, post office trips, selling items on Ebay, doing my tax return ... you name it, I've tried to fit it in this week!

And you now what ... I am feeling better for it! Yes my muscles ache, and my head is full of cotton wool after doing my taxes, BUT, I am feeling better, I am getting much more out of my working hours that I put into the business, and I am looking forward to my day off so much more, knowing that I have really earned it!  I suppose you don't get old hand me down phrases like  ... If you want a job doing, give it to a busy person!!....

Aside from all the household jobs I have been doing, I have been working on a very important project this week.  

I have been making a selection of greetings cards to start taking round to Theological colleges. Cards for confirmations and priestings can be so difficult for people to get hold of, that I have decided to go directly to the training colleges to start sharing with people what I do.  I also intend to approach Canterbury Cathedral again to see if the new designs are more suitable for their gift shop.

I have spent some time reflecting on craft fayres and the best methods of selling my work, and I think this a good place to start.  I have two craft fayres I'd still like to do this year, one being in August for the summer, and I will do one Christmas one.  Mainly I think because it will be nice to just get my work out and about, and to meet people- not because I think it will be a huge selling tool.  But approaching the fayres with this attitude will really help- even if I don't make any sales, at least I know I am going with purpose and have something good to get out of the experience.

I'll leave you with some snaps of the cards I have been making for the portfolio- simple and easier to create than some other designs, but then they have to be, I might get an order for 1000 cards that I would need to fill!!!

Thanks for stopping!!  Bye :)


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    1. Thank you :) Glad to hear you like them! X

  2. Being busy can be good, can't it?!? I like it!
    Your cards are really beautiful. I'm sure they'll impress!


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