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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Bright red wedding greetings ....

Recently, I needed to make a wedding card for a wedding that I was attending, and as I normally do, I used the invite to construct the card.  

I didn't take a picture unfortunately of the invite I received, but I can show you what I created with it.  The invite arrived on pearlescent cream card, with bright red roses on the front in a little square.  It wasn't a hand crafted card, it was one of the printed selection you can get directly onto the card stock.

It was very stylish and also very simple, so I made my card bearing this in mind.  Firstly I removed the roses element, I would definitely be re-using that!!! .... I used red ribbons to give colour, and leave the card front cream.  I also added a few diamante gems to roses, to highlight the shape, and mounted it on gold card. I had a really pretty background A4 card that has embossed roses on, so I used that as the front of the card.  (You can just about see the detail in the photograph- needless to say it is much prettier and more delicate in real life!!)

The card needed to contain the gift of money, so I thought that a pocket inside would be the best idea.  It also allows me to fully decorate the inside, and create a gift, rather than just use plain white inserts.  I also used a short phrase on the other side of the card, so that it completed the inside.  

Overall, I am really happy with how it turned out, and also, because I used elements from the invite itself, I knew that they would really like it.  :)

The wedding was lovely, I enjoyed the chance to get dressed up, and enjoy a lovely day with my family.

[Beautiful flowers for the top table]

[Me and my brother]

[One of my most favourite desserts! Creme brulee!]

Thanks for letting me take up some of your day

Shelly X


  1. Love the card, my dear! :-)
    That final photo has made me drool..... off to get something sweet to eat.....


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