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Sunday, 17 June 2012

Crime scene ...

Sometimes, artwork appears out of nowhere.  In Bristol, where I grew up, Banksy's artwork adorns the cities buildings .... they were familiar and well loved pockets of graffiti, long before they became the loved works of art that they are now.

I walked past this cool picture daily while on my way to work, when I worked in the city centre.

[Image credit from the BBC website]

No-one would ever see Banksy doing these great pictures ... they would just appear .... over night.

Well, a few nights ago, I came home from work to find this on the bedroom floor .....

A talcum powder crime scene man .... on the bedroom carpet ....

My husband is far more artistic, and creative than he gives himself credit for, and I laughed my socks off to find this lovely piece of artwork in our bedroom.

A commentary on the amount of talc I had peppered the floor with after my shower ... or just for fun....

............. As yet, I'm undecided!!

Shelly X

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