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Monday, 6 December 2010

All go in the workshop this week ...

It is all go in the workshop this week.  I am halfway through moving the old single guest bed out, and a delivery from the lovely people at Ikea arriving tomorrow, with a lot of drawers ready for my craft stash to live!!  I am in desperate need of worktop space as well, so a redesign of the workshop was necessary .....

I thought for this Monday's blog I would share with you how the workshop looks thus far ...

Quite a big job!!!  Either out of kindness, or fear that I might destroy the house whilst making the units, Marc my lovely husband has offered to help assemble the furniture tomorrow, and so begins the transformation!!!

I'll leave you with some images of some really cute cards that I have been designing for the Christmas 2011 collection, they are inspired by traditional colours from a Victorian Christmas, used in a more contemporary fashion.  I hope you like them!

Have  a really nice day, and I will catch up with you in a few days with an update on the craft workshop!!

Shelly  X

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