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Friday, 3 December 2010

festive wreath project

Things have begun to get really festive here in Margate … We finally had a long awaited flurry of snow, which I had, quite vocally, and quite often, wished for!  After my wishful thinking we ended up with five inches, which led to various outings togged up in fluffy coats and wellington boots, and the heating on high with fairy lights on!

After getting in from a walk today, having made the most of the snow which should be disappearing overnight, I started work on a festive project which turned out to be quick and simple…..

You will need :
Craft wire
wire cutters
felt or padding
thin long twigs
ivy, or any greenery that you can get your mits on

How to make:

 To make this simple Christmas wreath from items you will likely have at home in your craft box, start by shaping a circle from the craft wire.  I used an upturned bucket to maintain the circle shape, but this could be formed by hand.

Cut the felt or padding (i used padding that was left over from our oven hood) into long strips, measuring approximately two inches wide.  

Wrap these around the wire securing with more wire, building up the base of your wreath.

Use the twigs in the same fashion, fixing with wire.  This step should give you  really solid base which will hold its shape when held up.

Next, start securing your greenery onto your base.  i placed it on top and tucked the securing wire under the leaves, so it was secure but disguised!  

Eventually you will have the shape formed, use as much or as little greenery as you like, and whatever embellishments you find to put on.  Pine cones are traditional, but there are lots of things you might like - my Mum a few years ago put silver bows and purple baubles on hers, and it looked lovely.

Tie your bow, and fix using wire, this makes it really secure, and makes the bow sit forward on the project, rather than hidden in the leaves.

And lastly, make your loop to hand the wreath -I just used twisted wire around the top to fix onto the nail, but a piece of co-ordinating ribbon would also be just as nice!

I hope you enjoy making your wreath as much as I did...

Why not take your pictures of your Christmas projects and share the links in the comment box ... I'd love to see all your creations.

Happy Holidays

Shelly X

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