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Monday, 13 December 2010

workshops and thank yous

After what seems like moving in to the house for a second time over, the workshop is now complete.  Yes, the furniture doesn’t all match, and yes, I still have boxes overflowing with crafty stash, but it is functional, holds all my tools and embellishments, papers and glitter, and keeps the mess contained in one room in the house.... except of course when I leave a trail of foam pad paper leading form the workshop to the kitchen (and mostly to the fridge!)  … It is not my fault they stick to my slippers!

This week has also seen me take a trip to see Oliver in the west end, and to say thank you I wanted to send my friend a card. I used Imaginisce paper, and because it was double sided paper it was easy to create the shape with patterns either side.  The embellishments we buttons and ribbon, and a little box to package it in.  It was brilliant to be creative, and to work in the new workshop, and not get in a pickle!! 
I’ll leave you with the pictures …. Enjoy!

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