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Saturday, 10 September 2011

Blog hop of sorts ...

Whilst walking along Botany bay over the past few weeks during all the lovely summer weather, I came upon an idea.  Or more to the point, it came to me.  A blog hop of sorts that I could do in my own time that had no prescribed list to follow .... 

I have been doing this over the last few weeks, and it has been brilliant!  If you'd like to join me, the method is simple ....

* Pick a blog you already follow or are familiar with  
* Leave a comment on one of the posts you like
* Pick another person who has left a comment who you don't know yet
* Go to their blog, see lots of new things and inspiration, and repeat

Its amazing the amount of blogs I have visited that I wouldn't normally have come across; different crafts, styles and techniques, variety of countries and people, all with something different and unique to offer.

To be honest, If I read all the blogs that I'd like on a regular basis, well, it would be impossible to get any crafting done myself!  But simply hopping around like this lets me visit lots of blogs for an hour or two, whenever I have the time, means I get variety without filling up my google reader!! 

I'd love for you to join me in this style of hopping, so feel free to post a link so that others can see the instructions, although not necessary ... if you just want to pass a few hours ... go on ahead!  Also feel free to link your blogs in the comments below, I'll be hopping around and would like to visit, (more than likely with a nice cup of tea in hand!)

Thanks, as always, for stopping by.

Shelly X


  1. Hi Shelly,
    What a fantastic idea! I'm going to give your blog-hopping plan a try.....
    A little funny aside - while I was reading the post, my husband looked over my shoulder and said "Oh! So it's not just you who takes photos of your feet!!!" :-)

  2. I like doing this too, but time really flies and before you know it you've spent way too long on the computer...oops! It's a great way of finding other blogs you'll like though. Happy surfing!

  3. Photos of your feet when the tide is coming in is just what you have to do!! Hope you enjoy your hop Carly.

    ... I know what you mean Sew ray me .... my husband is watching the rugby and I am sure i've only been on here 5 minutes, but its almost finished! How does it happen!!

  4. THIS IS WHAT I DO !!!!

    And you're right it is a great way of finding new treasures (like you !)

    Thanks for your lovely comments on my cards ! Off to check out the two ladies above now !!

    Margaret C

  5. No problem :) I always like to see what you create; the Passion for papertrey blog is great for seeing what the PTI fans are up too!

  6. hi, thanks for sharing.....I do this all the time...I just keep hopping from blog to blog.....I am amazed at the number of people I have found and the people who have found me...hope your day is fabby!

    enjoy *~*

  7. Great idea Shelly, Tuesday,9-20-11 I'll host my very first blog giveaway. Hope you'll stop by for some puddin n pie:


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