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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

My oh my ...

Hello and welcome back to All things card and paper ... Although, this is more for myself than you lovely readers I dare say!  My, what a week.  As you know, I left you last preparing for the imminent card party.  

Well, needless to say, things did not go according to plan.  A had a call the day before to say that the host and her family were feeling really unwell, and we have had to reschedule the party.  This was a good move I think, as a poorly host would do nothing for the mood of the evening, however, I had prepared so much for the event.  Most of the cards and sale items can all be boxed ready for the next one, and it does mean that now I have some added time to spend on making some Christmas gifts!

The one downside was that I had a box of six fabulous cupcakes made and donated by Lexilou  in Ramsgate, Kent, which I then subsequently had to eat as I couldn't take them.  They were gorgeous!  So I will be buying a box ready for the next event for the lovely guests!!

I have been very busy this week also, because I have taken on some temporary work in a coffee shop; this is a career I left a few years ago and really enjoyed, and it has been brilliant to get back to doing it.  Although, my legs are aching and my head is filled with scones and cakes ... but I am enjoying it none the less!

Lastly, the final reason for my business has been a visit from my Nan and her sister this weekend!  We had a lovely time chatting over tea and baguettes, and a lovely meal out on Saturday evening.  We took the bus into Canterbury (they are freedom pass holders!) and took a boat trip on the river Stour.

This weekend also saw the kite festival return to Margate; last year my Nan visited on the same weekend, so we went down to the beach to see the kites.  It has been such a fast year- we have seen our first anniversary, a new business, two new jobs, and out first year in our first home together.  It really has been a brilliant, if a fast, first year in Margate!  It was a clean and bright Autumn day, still with some heat in from summer.  We were able to sit and watch the kites on the sand and watch the world pass us by!

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  1. Hi Shelly,
    What a shame the party was cancelled - after all the work you put in. But I guess a box of BEAUTIFUL cakes to eat all by yourself made up for the blow a little???
    I love the boat trip photos! I've never been to Canterbury, but I may just have to now!

  2. Lovely photos! I'm jealous of the boat ride and the kite day! LOVE~
    Stop by my blog for a giveaway!

  3. Thanks a lot :) Canterbury is really lovely, and well worth a visit. It was a shame about the card party, but it is re-arranged for two weeks time, so I have it all still to look forward to!

  4. Sorry to hear that your party was cancelled, but those cupcakes look divine!

    Thank you for sharing this view of your world! It's so great to get to know you a bit better!

  5. They were totally divine Cath!! So I will be ordering another box for next week for the re-arranged party!!!


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