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Thursday, 1 September 2011

Crafting confessions ...

Hi all,

Today I am very excited to be bringing you a guest blog, from a very talented lady, Amy Wanford.  Many of you will know her work, and know her by the name Aimes, and I suspect, many of you have been following her for some time.  Not me.  I have only recently discovered her fab blog, and have had a fair amount of catching up to do of blog posts and photographs! And what a brilliant stash of projects I had to catch up on!

Whilst buying my first Papertrey Ink stamp set from a seller in the United states, the kind seller told me about a UK run site called A passion for papertrey so I popped on over.  Amy, along with Caryn and Kate (you can find these girls at the blog)  run a site that is brilliant for the PTI fans that are UK based.   There is something about my style that just suits the PTI range, and so I began to play along with the challenges.  They showcase cards and give inspiration, all three with a variety of approach, but in a way which makes you feel like you can achieve something great too! As a gal who is far too self-depreciating, this in no mean feat!!

From here I began to follow Amy's blog. It is informative, but not to packed full of text (I am a pictures kind of blogger!)  and the photos of her work always make me aspire to do better, and as making cards is my full time occupation, it is so important for me to do better quality work, and continually try to do something new and different.

Now the thing about Amy is that this is NOT her full time occupation - although I am sure she packs in more hours to crafting than most! (Personally, I think she may actually have more hours in the day than normal people!)  But this got me thinking, so I invited her to do a guest blog which touched on how she manages to accomplish what she does ..... 

"So here I am gatecrashing yet another blog - I'm getting a reputation for this! LOL! For those of you who don't know me, my name is Amy Wanford (aka Aimes) and I'm a gal that lives in Sheffield that makes cards and wishes that there were more hours in the day to make more :) I've always been a papercrafting junkie but got into the card making side of things in 2009 and took the plunge to start showing my work on a blog. I could never have dreamed of the opportunities and fabulous friends I've made from simply sharing my creations and being a part of an amazing, supportive community here in Blogland!

I wish I could be making cards all day and making it my job, but then that would mean I'd have to leave my full time job in education which I love as well! My job means that I do get a lot of holidays so these past summer holidays have been one mass inky session. When I'm back at work I tend to squeeze in any inky time during the weekends as I'm usually busy after work with other commitments (playing football or playing the bass guitar) or just too tired! Working full time means I have to be super organised when it comes to my Design Team responsibilities (for CASE study) and submitting work for publications. I print a list of what I need to do and have it on my desk always and I'm never too far from my phone to note down ideas (I always have my best ideas as I'm drifting off to sleep so the phone sleeps next to me :D) The other day I was shopping and had to stop in a department store to take a pic of the display - I found it totally inspiring - my guy thought I was nuts! LOL!

I've been lucky enough to have had some real highlights of my inky adventure so far. Having made it to the Top 5 of Gallery Idol was unbelievable and seeing my creations grace the pages of glossy magazines such as Paper Crafts and CARDS is something that still gives me goosebumps even now! My two star tips for submitting for publication are firstly to check out what kinda cards that magazine accepts (they may not suit your style) and secondly, submit, submit, SUBMIT! Some of my favourite cards are ones that have been rejected; don't take it personally, it could be something as simple as the colour of your card not fitting in with their layout design! So you just submit some more! You never know if you don't try, right?! ;D

Trends are definitely something to keep your eye on when it comes to creating cards and especially if you're wanting to be published. I can't say that I follow them religiously but I always watch and see that fashion tends to dictate quite a few trends in papercrafting and if they fit my style, then I'll happily jump on the bandwagon. Trends I've got my eyes on right now are animal prints, geometric patterns and purple; I can easily have fun with these elements so you'll probably see some cards using them sometime soon!

Well I think that's enough rambling from me! If you fancy checking out any of my work you can visit me on my blog, Crafting Confessions where you'll be made most welcome!

Thanks to Shelly for inviting me over here!

x  "

I don't know about you, but I love getting an insight into how other people work, and how they spend their days ... and you never know, maybe, just maybe, it will inspire me to be productive with the hours I do have to work.  (Although, not today ... I am off to the Tesco for the big shop, so maybe tomorrow!!!)

A huge thanks to Amy for writing this for the Everything card and paper blog; if you have time, please take a look at her blog, and also the Passion for papertrey blog ... You never know what inspiration you might find for today!

[17/10/2012 - My apologies for the lack of pictures in this post ... I somehow managed to delete all oll the blogs pictures recently. :(   Please have a look at Amy's page, as her designs are amazing and do need to be seen! ]

Thanks for calling by,

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  1. Thank you so much for inviting me over here, Shelly! You're far too kind with your words - I'm beyond flattered!
    Hope you're inspired to get inky this weekend (after getting that big shop outta the way!)

  2. You're welcome! My pleasure. Always fun to cross pollinate blogland from time to time!


  3. Yay Amy!! Great post Shelly, and it's always a treat to read more about my buddy :)


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