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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Butterfly frames ...

Inspired by the beautiful frames created by Belle BeauCharlotte Ranford Designs, and the art work of Eiji Watanabe, I have had a go at making some pretty little frames.  They are smaller than the ones I have seen by these two companies, and they are also not boxed, so they are more pictures than art work, but I am really pleased with the results.

[For sale: £19.99 plus P&P - Add you own personalised text and colour for free]

I like the simplicity of the creams and whites, with a simple message.  I also love how the butterflies create their own shadows, making them change as the light changes.

[For sale: £22.99, plus P&P]

This one is my favourite of the two .... I love that the tiny gems that I put on the flowers are under glass, and that the butterflies tie into the main pattern.  I was worried that when I cut them out, the pattern would be lost.

I bought the word LOVE made out of wood, painted it with matt ivory Laura Ashley paint, and matt varnished it as well, so that the finish is really sleek but definitely hand crafted! It sits flush with the frame, and makes a nice change for me as I so often use computer printed text in my work.  I also love how the little layered butterfly turned out, sitting on the L .... you can't really see it on this picture, but it looks just like it has landed there!!

I has been really lovely to try something different, and although I think the first design needs some work, I really love the second, and its been worthwhile in doing something different to keep engaged with the trends in crafting, and to just have fun with a new project.  Not too bad for a first attempt!!

Would love to hear your thoughts on them ....

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  1. These are lovely!!! I need to get myself one of those butterfly-cutter-out doodahs!!! :-)

  2. I bought four from hobby craft (i couldn't wait for online ordering!!!) but if you search ebay .... there are a fair few listed :)

    If you pick some up .... you'll have fun with them. I'm finding them more versatile than i expected :)



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