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Monday, 23 April 2012

Luggage tags ...

As promised yesterday, I am back with a short post to share with you some butterfly luggage tags that I have begun today.  I am no where near finished, there are 37 to do! But I have made a start!

So we left yesterday with a pile of butterflies, which have hues of pink, white and brown.  I thought that they would match the luggage labels really well, but the butterflies had a little too much white in them, so I put them to one side.  I looked at the colours within the tags ... They already come pre-printed so are very decorative already.  I decided on the same colours as the original butterflies, only more dirty.  

I sorted the tags out to size, as there were three different sizes, and printed the text onto cream card.  I used the same colour as the signs I made, and the same card.  I thought that that would tie it in well.  I also cut out some little butterflies in a matching paper, and adhered them to either side.  This should give them lots of  dimension, and compliment the existing printed images.  Once I hand these over, they will be tied to a flower stem, and handed out to the guests at the wedding.  I think the flowers will be the finishing touch that they need.

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  1. these are adorable! Love them!

    Heather xx

  2. You make such beautiful things, Shelly! I love popping over here to see what you've been crafting up.....

  3. Thank you both :) glad you like them :) thanks for stopping by X X

  4. Thank you both :) glad you like them :) thanks for stopping by X X


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