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Sunday, 8 April 2012

MIA! ....

Firstly, my apologies .... I didn't realise that I had been away from my blog for such a while until a blog-friend of mine Carly mentioned it to me today.  If you fancy going to cheer her up ... visit her blog here ... She is unwell and under doctors (and her Mum's)  orders to rest, so I am sure that she would love to hear from you in her comments.  She has just posted some lovely pictures of some Easter buys, and i'm definitely stealing her egg tree idea for next year!!  

Well, why have I been MIA in blog land for a while?  Things have been a little unusual around here.  After always knowing what I wanted to do for my career, I am struggling at the moment.  My 'umpf' has seemed to have taken a holiday!!

I love to bake and to make cards, and have been busy carving out a business selling the things that I love to make, and doing the things I have a talent for.   It seems however that so many others do this as a hobby, and are more than willing to make cards, cupcakes and wedding stationery for their friends for free.  The short story is that I am struggling to see how I can make a success in what is essentially a hobbiest environment.  Is this affecting anyone else's sales at the moment??  Please don't misunderstand though, I think the sharing of papercrafting and baking is essential, our children should all know how to make cakes, my brother bakes with his little boy, and everyone should be able to make things as gifts.  I certainly do not want people to stop this.  What I am struggling with is how my business can fit into that.  Any thoughts anyone??

Another bit of news is that I will be finishing my full time temporary post of managing the Church cafe in two weeks time.  And honestly, I can't wait. I am being kept on as the baker, doing a few hours a week making all the cakes for the coffee shop, so that is great, and I can't wait to get on and get started.  Next week I will be making chocolate ganache cupcakes with Easter chicks, so watch this space for a baking post soon!

I have a craft fayre coming up at the end of the month, so I will be bringing you a few snaps of the cards I will be making for that.  And most exciting of all, I am taking a trip to the International cake show in London at the end of the month, and although I will be restraining myself from spending our holiday money, I will be able to show you all the great things that I spy on my trip!!

After what looks like an essay, I will leave you with a few snaps of a special card that I worked on recently.  It feels lovely and summery, and uses girly bright colours, a playful yet grown up card for a 21st birthday.

Sorry about the glare on the first picture!!!  

Happy Easter everybody, I hope that you are all having a lovely weekend.  

I will be back soon, but until then, take care XX


  1. Hi Shelly,
    HUGE hugs for mentioning me at the top of your post - reading it really cheered me up & made me smile! You're so sweet - thank you so much!!!
    I totally get where you're coming from talking about how to 'fit in' with selling your stuff. I'm finding the same thing! What makes me really mad the massive amount of crafters who sell their stuff online for RIDICULOUSLY low prices. I like to use high quality fabrics for my bags and things, so I can't compete with these low, low prices (or I wouldn't even be covering my own costs). It IS really frustrating! I have had over 300 views for most of the things in my Misi store, but only a couple of sales. And I'm sure it's because people think my prices are too high. If they didn't like the look of my stuff, surely they wouldn't be clicking on it??? Maybe my stuff is too expensive, though??? But, as I said, I can't really sell them for a lower price.
    When I do 'open house' things, my stuff sells well. And I usually get quite a few orders from these events. Maybe people are more willing to spend money on things they can see in 'real life'? I haven't tried craft fairs yet, but it's on my list of things to try.
    I think you have a little niche with your cards. There are lots of people selling handmade cards out there. But lots of them are old-fashioned-looking and not very exciting. Yours, though, are fresh and modern-looking, and you clearly have a real eye for colours. I think the tricky part is finding WHERE to sell your things. And maybe making 'side' money from running courses/making kits/etc.
    A really tricky problem, I know! And a great point to raise in a blog post!
    Glad you're back!!!

  2. Thank you :) Nice to know I am not alone, but sorry you are having the same problem too!!

    I price my time into my cards so I know that I get paid, as well as cover my costs, but I am also aware that the cost of this can be prohibitive. I don't think you should reduce your prices - otherwise you build a business with customers that it unsustainable, and then end up with clients but unable to fulfil orders as you have a rent to pay. Much better to build more slowly, have fewer customers, and assess what else you need to do to support your business long term.

    I am definitely going to give your comments about where to sell, and making up kit,s some thought, this is perhaps an area that I need to consider with much more thought.

    Catch up with you soon X


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