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Monday, 1 October 2012

Blue Christmas

This week I have been working on some great little custom cards. ... but I can't share them until November!! But I can show you the stash of Christmas cards I made for a customer yesterday ...

They are really pretty, and so simple, the detail comes from the papers themselves.  They use recycled blue card, and recycled scraps of card for the sentiment.  

I have been playing around with a free online programme called PicMonkey .... you can find it here.  Its a nice way of making photograph collages, and also, watermarks.  It is only recently after hearing more stories on Facebook about unscrupulous business owners stealing peoples photos, that I thought I should start to introduce them.  Its straight forward to do, and I don't think you can notice it too much. 

 I will be back in the week with a little good news, but for now, have a good week X

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