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Friday, 12 October 2012

Magnolia Christmas ...

Last year I made a few cards with the Magnolia range of stamps.  I found these cards very time consuming, and very unlike the style I normally make.  There is general style that goes along with these stamps, and I suppose you could say these are the hard cards for me... they are busy and have a lot on them... like this card at Magnolia's card studio ..... and they take some time. 

 This is the first attempt that I had at this style last year .... not bad for a a first go, but a lot of room for improvement compared to what you can do with these lovely stamps!

Anyhow, I found some lovely hand painted ones on the interweb this year, so decided to have another bash at them for Christmas ...

This time I stuck to more of my own style ... and I think I like them!  They are less busy, and take less time so they can be sold at a reasonable price for the hours I put into making them,

 I would love your opinions on them ....  Do you like them? What can I do better next time?  ANy help welcome!!


  1. Hi Shelly,
    I really like them! They're more you! I like that they're not too busy of fussy, but have a few extra details on them (like the ribbons and flower).
    Reading all these christmassy posts that are about is making me very excited! :-)

  2. that's what i thought too!!

    Its funny - when its Halloween i am making Christmas things ... when its Christmas i'll be making valentines cards !!! do you find this with sewing? X


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