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Thursday, 25 October 2012

Hand crafted

Sometimes, as I make cards to sell, I try to make them as efficiently as possible, trying to keep the costs down for the customer.  However, sometimes, it just takes time to make something.  

This week I have been making hand stamped, painted and decorated cards, and they take more time than some other designs because they are so time consuming.  The nice thing though is I really do enjoy making them.  Again, Christmas in October for you readers may not be ideal, but when you sell seasonally, I cannot make Christmas cards in December, people have already bought them!  And believe me, I have tried.  One year I was making cards up until  Christmas eve, and it wasn't' so much fun.

So if you will humour me, I will share my hand crafted little cards :)

I'm not sure which my favourite it!

[The stamps are all Dovecraft, and the inks are Versa Colour]

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  1. These are great! I love popping over here to see your latest cardy makes!!!


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